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A Jet Skiers’ Guide to Iguana Island

Meet the Rock Iguana, a Lizard Species Endemic to Turks and Caicos Islands

Jetski Iguana Island
Hydro Captain Livingston Leaving Iguana Island


Thousands of years ago, the indigenous rock iguana roamed all 40 of the Turks and Caicos Islands at their leisure. Looking at the developments looming across Providenciales now, it’s hard to imagine that our small island nation was once a miniature version of Jurassic park (If Chris Pratt was two inches tall).

Rock Iguanas, also known as Cycloura Carinnta, are a species of lizards found only in the TCI. Currently, the number of rock iguanas hovers at around 2,000, less than 1/20 of the peak population around 700 AD.

Reaching sizes of up to one meter long, these unique creatures have slowly become an endangered species, as the arrival of domesticated animals on the main islands chased them away. These days, this harmless, docile land mammal is most commonly found lounging in the coastal vegetation along Little Water Cay–also known as Iguana Island.

Wildlife turks and caicos
Rock Iguanas in Little Water Cay



  1. 1. Stay on/near the boardwalk and beach, be mindful of the Iguana nests, and remember that this is their home.

  2. Leave No Trace Principles: take everything you brought back with you, and don’t forget your shoes! (You’d be surprised how often this happens)

  3. It’s illegal to touch, feed, or harass the rock iguanas and their eggs

  4. Don’t get between a mama and her babies!


Located within the Princess Alexandra Nature Reserve, this island is one of the Turks and Caicos Islands’ must visit attractions. This reserve is separated from Providenciales by a body of water, and is only reachable by charter boat, or jet ski rental. After a short ride out from Blue Haven Marina, you can cruise out to the south side, and walk through the boardwalk to the north side, stopping to snap pictures, get up close & personal with the iguanas, visit wetland ponds, and explore all the natural beauty of this protected oasis. Book Now! To reserve a spot on our Iguana Island Hopper tour, or contact us for more information.


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