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Dolphins & Decorum 101: Swimming With Dolphins in Turks and Caicos

Marine Animal Safety Out on the Water

Jetskiing with dolphins turks and caicos
JoJo is Often Spotted Playing Around Our Jet Skis

For centuries, humans have been fascinated with dolphins: reading stories about them, watching them perform tricks in a show, or even spotting a fin flipping through the air across the horizon line. Now that you’ve traveled all the way down to the Turks and Caicos Islands, you’re just waiting for your chance to encounter one of the many Atlantic bottlenose dolphins that frequent our islands, cays, and banks.


Indeed, swimming with dolphins is definitely the most popular encounter anyone visiting asks us about. Coming face-to-face with these beautiful, highly intelligent creatures is a memory you will never forget, whether it’s from the back of a jet ski, or paddling around in shallow waters. Check out our wildlife-centered tour options on the TOURS page, complete with experienced guides, and tour routes designed to overlap with some of the dolphins' typical hang out spots. For a complete guide to where and when to spot Jojo and Dreamer, check out our blog page: Jojo & Dreamer’s Favourite Spots. In return for this magical experience, all we ask is that you show all marine animals the respect they deserve.

Swimming with dolphins turks and caicos
Dreamer Says Hi!


If you’re familiar with Jojo and Dreamer, the TCI’s most famous aquatic celebrities, you may have seen bumper stickers featuring the slogan: “Jojo says NO to captive dolphins.” As of now, all interactions with dolphins and wildlife in Turks take place naturally, out on the water. The movement against dolphinariums began in response to a proposed captive dolphin facility in Providenciales, in an effort to preserve the freedom of all of Turks and Caicos’ finned amigos. Here at Hydro Charters, we believe in promoting safe, respectful interactions between our guests and marine animals and wildlife.

In the likely event that you encounter Jojo, Dreamer, or any other members of their family while on a charter tour, our team is prepared to ensure the interactions are safe for you AND your new friends. Here are a couple pro tips to get you started:


Dolphin interactions turks and caicos
JoJo & Dreamer


  • Show respect by simply floating, and letting them come to you

  • Belt out a song! (Marine animals live in a world of sounds–so give them your best rendition of Nicki Minaj’s Superbass)

  • Listen to your guides, and heed their advice

  • Bring an underwater camera, and take lots of pictures to send to folks back home!

Playing with dolphins turks and caicos
JoJo Playing Around with Hydro Guests


  • Try to touch them, or grab at their fins

  • Feed them anything, or throw litter into the water (As well as being dangerous, this is also illegal under the Fisheries Protection Ordinance Regulations)

  • Free dive into their space

  • Make aggressive movements, or excessively splash around with your arms and legs


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