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Swimming With Dolphins in Turks and Caicos: JoJo & Dreamer’s Favorite Spots

Swimming with Dolphins in Turks and Caicos

Swimming with dolphins turks and caicos
JoJo: TCI’s Iconic Aquatic Celebrity


For many years, Jojo the dolphin has roamed the crystal waters of our islands alone, using the Caicos Cays as his epic bachelor pad. Declared a national treasure in 1989, JoJo first rose to fame in the 80s for his playful nature, often spotted following vessels in the Grace Bay Area. Jojo is easily identifiable by the unfortunate propeller scars across his back, and is known and beloved by locals and tourists alike. After all this time soul-searching, flipping his tail flirtatiously at the ladies & befriending kiddos, it’s official–the big man has settled down.

Swimming with dolphins in turks and caicos
JoJo & Dreamer: Father & Son Duo


You heard it here first: the much beloved Jojo has become a family man, and recently welcomed a new baby to the family! These days, he’s often spotted with his son, the juvenile dolphin affectionately known as Dreamer. Just like his father, Dreamer is famous for his playful and friendly nature, and is often spotted playing around the Caicos Banks with his mother, “Bo,” and her baby–the newest, as of yet unnamed member of the fam!

Seeing dolphins turks and caicos
JoJo Spotted on Hydro Charters Trip!


Eager to interact with the Turks and Caicos Islands’ most beloved aquatic celebrities? Due to the protected status of dolphins and the lack of captive facilities, there’s no way to guarantee you’ll spot Jojo, Dreamer, or their friends and family while out on the water. However, here at Hydro we’ve designed many of our tour package itineraries to include some of our finned friends’ favorite spots: Fort George Cay, La Famille Express, and the Caicos Banks coastline. Come out with us for an afternoon to explore these spots and more; swim in shallow, crystal waters, stroll down secluded beaches, and maybe even spot Jojo flipping around!


Dolphins and jetskiing in turks and caicos
JoJo is famous for his playful, interactive nature
  1. The majority of the dolphins you’ll encounter in the TCI are of the Atlantic bottlenose variety (Tursiops Truncatus), although the Atlantic Spotted dolphin (Stenella Frontalis) can also be seen.

  2. These species typically travel in pods of 5-20, made up of females and their calves. Mature, adult males can span up to 13 feet in length (for reference, that’s about 2 Lebron James’ stacked on top of each other).

Check out the links below to learn more about local conservation efforts, or take a peek at our guide to safe and respectful marine animal interactions. Better yet, Book now! To explore the open waters with us, and have the chance to encounter Jojo, Dreamer, and more of their family in their natural habitat.


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