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Health Benefits of Jet Skiing: Endorphins, Instagram, Abbs and More

When you picture yourself cursing across the coastline on your ‘ski, it’s easy to imagine the scenery unfolding before you: sun glittering against the water, wind blowing in your hair, stretches of pristine beaches and turquoise lagoons… But did you know that in addition to all of that beauty, there are numerous health benefits that come along with this thrilling adventure?

Jet skiing is not only a fantastic way to see all that the Turks and Caicos Islands have to offer, but also an outdoor activity with a number of advantages for your physical and mental health. Here at Hydro, we’re letting you in on 4 little-known health benefits of jet skiing that will have your body and mind thanking you when you come out for a ride!

Jet ski tours turks and caicos
Captain Cameron Cruising the Open Waters


After all this time relaxing on the beach, it’s time to get out on the water & flex those muscles! As your steering, you’re inadvertently using your upper body, core, hamstrings, and quads–exercising and strengthening these muscles without even thinking. Scientists have found that this thrilling activity can heighten your blood circulation, accelerate the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to tissues, and even help remove toxic waste from your body.


When you’re out on the water: you’re in the zone. Exploring turquoise lagoons, encountering wildlife in all forms… With all the wonders of the Caribbean waters in front of you, you’ll hardly even notice that within one hour, the average person will burn ~504 Calories!

Jetski charters turks and caicos
Race Your Friends Through Crystal Waters!


Riding the waves is not only a good workout–it’s also a fantastic photo opportunity! What better way to impress folks back home than with stunning pictures if you and your friends and family snorkeling through crystal Cays, diving off of shipwrecks, or zooming down the coast? With your guide by your side snapping pictures as you go, you know your followers are in for a treat!

Snorkel on jetskis in turks and caicos
Jump Off Your ‘Ski & Snorkel Around


As you glide out of the Marina, you’ll find the stress of school, work, or family melt away, fading into the distance as you embrace the present moment. Indeed, jet skiing has been found to have proven mental health benefits, evoking a meditative effect similar to the practice of yoga, or physical exercise. This physical activity is known to promote the release of Dopamine and Endorphins, which help relieve stress and anxiety as you glide across the water. Who knows, you might even be so relaxed you find yourself forgiving Dad for eating the last bite of your nachos, or making peace with your sister who stole your favorite bikini.

No trip to the TCI is complete without a jet ski adventure–so Book Now to reserve your spot on the tour of a lifetime. Chances are high you’ll walk away from it feeling relaxed, at peace with your surroundings, and ready to get back out there again!


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