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5 Tips & Tricks to Get You Out on the Water: Beginner's Guide to Jetskiing

Gain the confidence and skills of a Jet ski pro

Are you eager to try your hand at jet skiing, but feeling uncertain, or a little nervous? Here at Hydro, we take out first-time riders almost every day, so we’re definitely familiar with the jetski jitters. We’ve put together this quick and easy guide to jet skiing in Turks and Caicos, to ensure you feel safe and supported on and off the water. Keep on scrolling, and by the end you’re sure to feel confident, well-informed, and ready to get out there!

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Safety First!


Standard safety gear typically includes a fitted life jacket, with the ‘ski key clipped to a loop on the bottom right-hand side. This key works similarly to a treadmill clip, as it will immediately kill the engine in the event you fall into the water. One of the benefits of choosing an all-inclusive, guided package is that our team is there to insure you’re properly suited up and go over all safety procedures before we depart from the docks.

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As you’re zooming down the coastline, it’s definitely not the best time to finish up that Roblox game you were in the middle of earlier… Although chances are high you won’t want to anyway! Indeed, you’ll likely find yourself feeling extraditionary present and in the moment as you soak in the rush of endorphins. (Read more about little-know health benefits of Jet skiing Here!) With that said, it’s important to remember that this sophisticated machinery is not a toy, and should be treated with the proper attention and respect.


The last thing you want is to finish up an exhilarating tour, only to find out your clothes and phone have gotten totally soaked. Luckily, this is an easily avoidable issue. Upon arriving at our Blue Haven offices, we’ll get you set up with dry bags, waterproof phone pouches, to be stored inside our Jetskis’ compartment hatches. You’re also welcome to store any personal belongings inside our office for the duration of the tour.


Just like driving under the influence, jet skiing while intoxicated can be seriously hazardous for you, and the people and vessels around you. Here at Hydro, we do not condone the operation of our ‘skis while drinking, for the safety of our guests, guides, and the Marina’s waterways.

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Combine Jetski & Boat Tours for the Perfect Adventure


If you’ve never been on a jetski before, you may be a little unsure of what to wear. Our advice: to avoid getting caught up in wet, soggy clothing, dress as you would to go on a snorkeling adventure–swimsuits, board shorts, wetsuits, etc. Any clothing with a more snug fit, designed to not absorb large amounts of water & weigh you down should do the trick. Additionally, don't forget to lather on some sunscreen, secure any sunglasses/hats to your head with a tight fit and/or safety strap, and you’ll be ready to go!


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